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Gramado's Family
Roger Gomes

Hello there!

I am a Brazilian chef who arrived in New Zealand in 2016.


Ever since, I have been pursuing my passion for the culinary world. I have had the privilege of training under great chefs who have inspired me and instilled discipline in my kitchen practices, particularly Chef Alan Clark, whose dedication continues to inspire me to this day.


I believe that through food, we can convey smiles and the passion of the kitchen on a plate.

Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to cook for various important figures, from Hollywood stars to prime ministers.


Today, as the executive chef, I am thrilled to be part of the Gramado's team.

I recognize the immense challenge and responsibility that comes with maintaining excellence, but I also see it as a tremendous opportunity to bring the joy of Brazilian cuisine to the people of New Zealand.

As the Executive Chef, I am committed to go above and beyond to create a new experience for each and every person who dines with us.


I am grateful to God and all the people who allow me to be part of their lives through this culinary art form.


Thank you for choosing our restaurant, and I am excited to welcome you and share this journey of flavours and emotions.


Warm regards,


Roger Gomes da Silva

Rodrigo Mylius

Hello everyone, I arrived from Brazil in 2022, I'm starting my journey here in New Zealand, trying to get to know better the culture and food customs.

Graduated Head of International Cuisine UCS-ICIF in 2016 and graduated in Gastronomy in 2021 at the same University, I have a postgraduate degree in Brazilian Cuisine. I left behind a career as a university professor to fulfill my dream of taking Brazilian cuisine to other places.

Passionate about the cultural fusion of food and its peculiarities, lover of barbecue and food made directly on the fire, concerned with sustainability and freshness and recipes that comfort, bringing affective memories with love and care!!!

Please to meet, My name is Rodrigo Mylius!!!

Roberto Soares
Luis Mesquita
Samantha Nicole
Shanelle Todd
Anika Russel
Lillian James
Ben Payne
Zaraya Wilson
Emma Camillo Nunes
 Saulo Camillo Nunes

Welcome to Gramado’s Restaurant!


For the last 18 years I have immersed myself in the hospitality industry, New Zealand has made my life change in a way that I will never regret.


Memories of my grandmother cooking for our family is something quite special to me. the love that she used to bring to the kitchen is something that I try to inspire in myself  each day.


My work experience with great chefs, awesome colleagues and amazing families in New Zealand gave me a wealth of knowledge and confidence. Now I use what I have learned here to create a fusion with my Brazilian roots.


I could spend hours here talking about this interesting journey that started with what was supposed to be a six month holiday. However, I’m sure that we will have some time to talk when you come to dine with us at Gramado’s.


Muitissimo obrigado,

Saulo Camillo Nunes

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