$55 per person SET MENU


PÃO DE QUEIJO - Brazilian cheese bread GF

Gluten free Brazilian cheese bread balls found in all regions of Brazil. Made with tapioca starch, eggs and cheese. Crunchiness on the outside and soft dough on the inside, pleasant cheese and tapioca flavour.


Main Menu (choose one)


A fusion of a New Zealand classic dish with a well-known Brazilian flavor.

Prime Canterbury roast lamb shoulder served with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes, accompanied with a homemade red wine mint jus and finished with “Farofa Defumada” (smoked manioc flour).

BRAZILIAN FISH MOQUECA GF, Vegetarian on Request

Pan fried Orange Roughy Fish with Brazilian Dende oil (a special oil from the Northeast of Brazil) and smoked paprika, finished with coconut cream, grated vegetables, topped with fresh coriander, a side of white rice and fresh salad.

FEIJOADA GF, Vegetarian on Request

Traditional Brazilian dish, Smokey Black Bean stew with spicy chorizo, pork ribs, Manuka smoked bacon hock, Manuka smoked bacon pieces with a side of white rice. White wine silverbeet, orange slices and homemade cassava fries.


Slow cooked pork belly, served with Gramado’s homemade Brazilian guava sauce, spicy and sweet with a hint of hickory bbq, smoked chipotle, cinnamon, chillies and more chillies…HOT! Accompanied with salad and roast potatoes.

PASTA OF THE DAYGF, Vegetarian on Request

Fresh fettuccine with 8 hours smoked lamb, smoky pomodoro tomato sauce, served with mint/herb chimichurri and parmesan cheese.


Succulent chicken breast wrapped in Manuka smoked streaky bacon served with a creamy BLUE CHEESE sauce, rosemary potatoes and a fresh garden salad.


VEGETARIAN/VEGAN Available on request



A mini trio of Chocolate brownie, Brazilian Pudim and a homemade deconstructed cheesecake.

*Vegan dessert option: Homemade Brazilian açai and berries sorbet